[TUHS] [GROFF] groff as a asis for comprehensive documentation

Cág ca6c at bitmessage.ch
Tue Apr 24 04:48:20 AEST 2018

Dave Horsfall wrote:
> I have images of NetBSD etc lying around somewhere, to try on new
> boxen.

You might want to wait for 8.0, it's supposed it'll be a big release.

> Just one example: it's 'stty -f ..." on most systems, but "stty -F" on 
> Penguin/OS.  Why?

-f/-F is a nonstandard (i.e. non-POSIX) option. BSDs have -f, GNU
Coreutils (and BusyBox, which most of the time copies GNU behaviour)
do have -F. Other Unix userlands (IRIX, HP-UX, Heirloom, Solaris(?))
don't have it at all. So, it's not a Penguin OS thing.



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