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Multics, while not a 'massive' sales success in retrospect, was certainly not the failure commonly believed and wasn't treated as one in the press of the time - at least not until after the decision was made by Honeywell-Bull to phase out the the Multics (and CP-6) products to focus on GCOS - GCOS7/GCOS8 is still a major player today.

"Honeywell is having considerable — and surprising — success with the ultra-secure Multics operating system … Besides 3-5 systems within Honeywell, Multics has been installed or committed within Nippon Electric, Rome Air Development Center, USAF Data Services Center, and Ford." from mid-1970's industry press.

See also https://multicians.org/myths.html

We have about 120 members on BAN - including many original and new Multicians who make the project possible. We're always working on new things and projects - see "pmotd -a" when logged in for some of the most recent activity.

I'd be happy to answer any questions on BAN.AI if anyone has particular questions - or just ssh to dps8 at m.trnsz.com - feel free to use the guest account. I don't want to take the list too off-topic. We have many exclusive features that I hope makes BAN.AI a 'special' (and loved) system, a lot more coming.

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