[TUHS] If not Linux, then what?

Arthur Krewat krewat at kilonet.net
Thu Aug 29 08:53:42 AEST 2019

On 8/28/2019 6:27 PM, William Pechter wrote:
> I checked the FreeBSD archives and it COULD install in a primary 
> partition (partition type 165) and share the disk with other OS types. 

At some point, I had written a boot partition hook to select which 
partition to boot, and set it as Primary on the fly by modifying the 
partition table. The comments below are from a precursor to that. Sadly 
I do not have the source code for the later version where I had added 
the selection menu and actual partition table update to. Note the reason 
I started it ;)

I know I was dual booting FreeBSD or maybe Consensys (SVR4.2) with DOS 
at some point, and based on the dates on this source code, it would have 
been around the second half of 1992.


Title PART - Partition table boot-up program.

Comment *

         (C) 1992 Kilowatt Computing - Arthur Krewat

         Started Feb 2, 1992

         Initiated by the Michelangelo Virus of 1/1992 - I figured if I
         have a program using sector 0 of the hard drive and something 
         to it, it SHOULD crash - unless the virus is particularly
         intelligent. And we all know writers of virii are NOT or else 
         be doing something INTELLIGENT with their time.


Later on in the file:

Partb   Db      00H,"Unknown - empty",0 ;System indicators.
         Db      01H,"DOS (12 bit FAT)",0
         Db      02H,"XENIX",0
         Db      04H,"DOS (16 bit FAT)",0
         Db      05H,"DOS - extended partition",0
         Db      06H,"DOS 4.0",0
         Db      51H,"Ontrack extended partition",0
         Db      64H,"Novell",0
         Db      75H,"PCIX",0
         Db      0DBH,"CP/M",0
         Db      0FFH,"BBT",0
         Db      0

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