[TUHS] Origins of PPP

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I still remember the laughter at the IETC when someone asked if PPP stood
for "Philip Pindeville's Protocol."

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>     > From: Paul Ruizendaal
>     > I'm looking for the origins of SLIP and PPP on Unix. Both seem to
>     > been developed long before their RFC's appeared.
> You're dealing with an epoch when the IETF motto - "rough consensus and
> running code" - really meant something. Formal RFC's way lagged protocol
> development; they're the last step in the process, pretty much.
> If you want to study the history, you'd need to look at Internet Drafts
> they're still online). Failing that, look at the IETF Proceedings; I think
all the
> ones from this period have been scanned in. They won't have the detail
> the I-D's would have, but they should give the rough outlines of the
> 	Noel

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