[TUHS] Blit source

Mike Haertel tuhs at ducky.net
Thu Dec 19 13:47:02 AEST 2019

Norman wrote:
> The V8 tape was made in late 1984 (I know that for sure
> because I helped make it).  It is unlikely to have anything
> for the MC68000 Blit, only stuff for the Mac-32 Jerq.

The V8 tape has the Blit stuff in /usr/blit, and the 5620 stuff
in /usr/jerq.  The Blit stuff looks somewhat older, and doesn't
have exactly the same graphics library functions as the 5620.

It would be interesting to see a chronology of the evolution of
these window systems.

Rob wrote:
> If 5620s were called Jerqs, it was an accident. All the software with that
> name would be for the original, Locanthi-built and -designed 68K machines.

That's amusing, considering that the 5620 stuff was in /usr/jerq on
Research systems!  Apparently the accident became institutionalized.


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