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Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Mon Feb 4 08:33:03 AEST 2019

On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 5:08 PM Dave Horsfall <dave at horsfall.org> wrote:

> My vague (and rough) recollection is CP/M -> DOS -> Windows.
"Windows" == Win95 -- which was a user Interface spec the kernel died

IBM CP-DOS -> OS/2 --\
                                         ---> NT OS-2 -> NT/WIN .......
 Today's Windows
CMU Mach --\                  /
                      ---> Mica -/
DEC VMS   --/

When Cutler did Mica and then NT OS-2 he did not care what the user
interface was.  Mica was a pure uk and NT OS-2 was also, but by the time of
the product it became a hybrid.   Putting a different user interface, be it
DOS, OS/2, Unix, VMS or Windows was in the kernel design.

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