[TUHS] Signal/noise (Was: OSI stack (Was: Posters))

Arthur Krewat krewat at kilonet.net
Mon Feb 4 10:10:50 AEST 2019

On 2/3/2019 6:33 PM, Mantas Mikulėnas wrote:
> With apologies for the outburst:
> When I first subscribed to tuhs several years ago (even though I don't
> really belong in here; I'm younger than even Linux, much less any of
> the Unixen), I *very much* enjoyed reading the various stories about
> UUCP, about Sun, about X11, VMS, ARPAnet – often first-hand tales, no
> less.
> So I don't know what counts as 'signal' on this list versus 'noise',
> but I'd much rather read a million posts about OSI, CLNP and other
> networks – a history lesson and information that's been getting scarce
> in general – than kill/mute yet another thread full of generic "boo M$
> Windoze" drivel that I can already find on Reddit.

I concur. However, discussions of how many necks Jimmy Page's guitar had 
were pretty much way off topic. I mean, really, THREE? Led Zeppelin was 
slightly before my time (I'm 53). But who doesn't know it was only two?


art k.

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