[TUHS] Signal/noise (Was: OSI stack (Was: Posters))

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Mon Feb 4 10:54:50 AEST 2019

On 2/3/19 4:33 PM, Mantas Mikulėnas wrote:
> When I first subscribed to tuhs several years ago (even though I don't 
> really belong in here; I'm younger than even Linux, much less any of the 
> Unixen),


I see no reason for you to not belong here.

I too am younger than most of the things discussed on this list.

But that doesn't some me from participating ~> discussing ~> learning. 
Nor do I think it should stop you.

Just be mindful of where your roots are or aren't.

After all, Unix collectively (including Linux) is doing the wrong thing 
and going the wrong way if it turns people away that want to learn about it.


> I *very much* enjoyed reading the various stories about UUCP, about Sun, 
> about X11, VMS, ARPAnet – often first-hand tales, no less.

I do too.

I also enjoy being able to discuss things with people as I'm reading 
about various technologies elsewhere.

That being said, I don't know that TUHS is the best place for some 
non-Unix related things.  That's what the COFF mailing list is for.  ;-)

> So I don't know what counts as 'signal' on this list versus 'noise', 
> but I'd much rather read a million posts about OSI, CLNP and other 
> networks – a history lesson and information that's been getting scarce 
> in general – than kill/mute yet another thread full of generic "boo M$ 
> Windoze" drivel that I can already find on Reddit.

I'd suggest COFF if you aren't subscribed.  I'd also suggest the cctalk 
mailing list.

Also, if you've not read it, I HIGHLY suggest "Where Wizards Stay Up 
Late - The Origins of the Internet".

Finally, doing.  Lots of doing or trying.  Even if you find out that 
it's wrong.  That's gaining experience that I think makes it easier to 
learn from.

comp.os.vms is another good place to watch ~> read ~> learn.

> Thanks,


Grant. . . .
unix || die

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