[TUHS] Floppy to modern files for Usenet maps

Mary Ann Horton Gmail mah at mhorton.net
Wed Jul 10 09:14:33 AEST 2019

Well, my intent is to print a packet of Usenet maps to hand out at 
Wednesday night's 50th UNIX Anniversary event in Seattle. I have 15 
copies and a link to the PDF file on stargatemuseum.org. If possible, 
I'd like to add 1 or 2 or 3 of these graphical maps to the packet.

It would also be helpful to have an archived copy of the full UUCP map.  
Stan Barber sent me one some time ago but I misplaced it, and it's not 
coming to his fingertips either. That would obviously be a project for 
later, not a paper handout, but to save on the museum web site.

However, doing a graphical map based on the UUCP map, or even a Usenet 
map after 1987, would likely produce a completely black piece of paper :)


     Mary Ann

On 7/9/19 3:44 PM, Grant Taylor via TUHS wrote:
> On 7/9/19 4:01 PM, Mary Ann Horton Gmail wrote:
>> Thank you, Grant!
> You're welcome.
>> I have added these to the archive on stargatemuseum.org/maps.  I will 
>> add images from Henry as well.
> I'm doing some digging on this.  I'm curious to learn how the data 
> gets used.  My intention, if possible, is to take the most recent data 
> from the UUCP mapping project (currently September '98) and see if 
> it's possible to build updated data sets to generate maps from.  }:-)
> I'm guessing that the data from the #N, #O, and #L lines will help 
> with this.  :-D
> I do see multiple blank #L lines in the data I'm looking at. Maybe it 
> will be possible to extract something from the #P lines and convert it 
> to pseudo #L lines that can be used.  }:-)

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