[TUHS] a possible source for 4.1BSD tapes

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Tue Mar 12 03:38:45 AEST 2019

Other than for history's sake, I don't see the value of 4.1, it wasn't
a great release (even though Masscomp did their changes to 4.1c if I
remember correctly.  Clem?).  4.2 was the first release that I remember
being pretty solid and 4.3 improved on that.

On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 10:28:23AM -0700, Mike Haertel wrote:
> I contacted Kirk.  He was surprised to learn that the copy of 4.1 in
> his CSRG archive is not, in fact, 4.1.
> Also he says that the contents of the existing CSRG archive disks
> are all he has; apparently the dumps of old distribution tapes to
> disk were hastily done on the way out the door as CSRG was being
> shut down.
> He suggested I inquire with TUHS for a copy, so evidently he does not
> read this list.  His other suggestion was to reconstruct from SCCS files.
> I think at this point the preservation community has essentially all
> the bits from tape 1 of the 7/10/81 release (in somewhat scattered
> form needing to be reassembled into a usable distribution tape image).
> The contents of tape 2 seem to be altogether lost (unless someone is
> able to recover it from surviving media).

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