[TUHS] Quotas - did anyone ever use them?

Dan Cross crossd at gmail.com
Fri May 31 00:26:01 AEST 2019

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 9:58 AM David <david at kdbarto.org> wrote:

> I think it was BSD 4.1 that added quotas to the disk system, and I was
> just wondering if anyone ever used them, in academia or industry. As a user
> and an admin I never used this and, while I thought it was interesting,
> just figured that the users would sort it out amongst themselves. Which
> they mostly did.
> So, anyone ever use this feature?

Oh yes. I used them in multiple places; in fact, on a public access Unix
system that I still (!!) am active on (well, not really...grex.org) we use
them; mostly to try and limit the effects of abuse.

Quotas were very useful in time shared and network environments, where you
didn't quite trust all of the users. For example, university networks where
undergrads were given accounts for course work, but could be otherwise
mischievous, and you didn't want them interfering with research happening
on the same system/network.

        - Dan C.
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