[TUHS] v7, adb, and fcreat

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Fri Aug 7 04:36:27 AEST 2020


Funny how some things take a while to sink in. I've been messing around 
with my v6 instance for so long now, that I got to thinking it was v6 
:). Sheesh, between you and Clem clueing me in, it finally clicked that 
it is just one (of many) bit buckets out there with the moniker v6.

What confused me initially was that these were built from tapes - never 
mind that the tapes aren't gold standards, it never occurred to me that 
they weren't. I am coming from a world where OS version floppy/cd/dvd 
images are copies of a single master (or very small set of masters). 
Sure, there are OEM disks out there, but for the most part, if I say, 
grab OS X 10.14 and burn it, I'll get the same OS X 10.14 as pretty much 
everybody everywhere. These tape things could be snapshots of the 
systems they originate from at very different times and with different 
software/sources etc. I know I'm basically repeating what y'all said, 
but I'm still in shock :).


On 8/6/20 11:55 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Will Senn
>      > I don't think adb was in v6, where the fcreat function and buf struct
>      > are used... Were Maranzano and Bourne using some kind of hybrid 6+ system?
> In addition to the point about skew between the released and internal development,
> it's worth remembering just how long it was between the V6 and V7 releases, and
> how much ground was covered technically during that period.
> A lot of that stuff leaked out: we've talked about the upgraded 'Typesetter C'
> (and compilers), which a lot of people had, and the V6+ system at MIT
> (partially sort of PWB1) had both 'adb' and the stdio library. The latter also
> made its way to lots of places; in my 'improved V6 page':
>    http://www.chiappa.net/~jnc/tech/ImprovingV6.html
> it talks about finding the standard I/O stuff in several later V6 repositories,
> including a UNSW tape. But it and typsetter C, also on the Shoppa pack, were
> clearly quite widespread.
> 	Noel

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