[TUHS] The origin of Goto considered harmful?

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Sat Dec 5 08:43:00 AEST 2020

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 ||Last night I stumbled upon this speech by Doug McIlroy at Dijkstra's \
 ||retirement banquet @ UT Austin where he tells the story of his first \
 ||encounter with EWD and the origins of programming without goto.... \
 ||Given that we recently had a discussion on "Goto considered harmful", \
 ||you all may enjoy it. Make sure you watch the start of part 10 as well \
 ||as that is where the story ends.
 |its usefulness i have heard (a bit).)
 |  #?141|kent:plan9port.git$ git grep goto master|wc -l
 |  echo 2MzQ1Mwo= | openssl base64 -d

Where that 2 comes from i do not know, it should have been

Ciao, and a nice weekend i wish from Germany,

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