[TUHS] The 2038 bug...

Niklas Karlsson nikke.karlsson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 17:24:42 AEST 2020

I'll be a mere 58, so not even retired yet. I fear it will be a very
interesting time, in the "May you live in interesting times" sense.


Den tors 31 dec. 2020 kl 08:21 skrev Dave Horsfall <dave at horsfall.org>:

> As the new year is about to kick in (down-under anyway), it got me to
> thinking (always dangerous): how many here will be around for it to pick
> up the pieces that are no doubt still lying around?
> I'll be about the ripe old age of 85, so I may be around to see the
> Imminent Death of the Internet (Film at 11).
> 2100?  Forget it...  Too bad, as "Revolt in 2100 (?)" is one of my
> favourite Heinlein books.
> Others?
> -- Dave
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