[TUHS] v7 K&R C

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Fri May 15 03:32:06 AEST 2020

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 09:36:57AM +1000, Dave Horsfall wrote:
> I had to learn C++ for a project at $WORK years ago (the client demanded
> it), and boy was I glad when I left...

Amen.  I'm being a whiney grumpy old man, but I'm sort of glad I'm at the
tail end of my career.  Going into it now, there are some bright spots,
and some dim ones, Go seems nice, Rust could have been nice but they just
had to come up with a different syntax, I can't see why anyone would do
anything other than an improved C like syntax, Java and C++ seem awful,
D tried but threw too much into the language like C++ did, if D had had
some restraint like Go does, D would probably be my language of choice.

Personally, I just want a modernized C.  If you want to see what I want
take a look at https://www.little-lang.org/

It's got some perl goodness, regexps are part of the syntax, switches
work on strings or regexps as well as constants, it's pleasant.  And 
completely doable as an extension to C.

Oh, and it has reference counting on auto allocated stuff so when it
goes out of scope, free() is automatic.  


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