[TUHS] v7 K&R C

Steve Nickolas usotsuki at buric.co
Tue May 19 13:20:34 AEST 2020

On Mon, 18 May 2020, Doug McIlroy wrote:

> I should have checked my 7030 manual before asserting
> that the 8-bit byte came from there. The term did,
> but it meant an addressable unit of 1 to 8 bits
> depending on the instruction being executed.
> [The machine was addressable to the bit. It also
> had all 16 bitwise logical operators, and
> maintained counts of the 1 bits and leading
> 0 bits in a register. And it was BIG. I saw
> one with 17 memory boxes (each essentially
> identical with the total memory of a 7090)
> stretched across the immaculate hardwood
> floor of IBM's Poughkeepsie plant.]
> Doug

I used to go by that plant all the time, because I lived in Staatsburg two 
towns north of Poughkeepsie for 3 years.


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