[TUHS] Plan 9 assembly syntax design history?

Robert Clausecker fuz at fuz.su
Tue Nov 3 07:32:54 AEST 2020

Ken's (?) Plan 9 assemblers are well known for their idiosyncratic
syntax, placing identical behaviour across platforms over a sense
of resemblance to people used to normal assemblers.  While I am
aware of Rob's talk [1] on the basic design ideas and have read both
the Plan 9 [2] and Go [3] assembler manuals, many aspects of the
design (such as the strange way to specify static data) are
unclear and seem poorly documented.

Is there some document or other piece of information I can read on
the history of these assemblers?  Or maybe someone recalls more bits
about these details?

Robert Clausecker

[1]: https://talks.golang.org/2016/asm.slide
[2]: https://9p.io/sys/doc/asm.html
[3]: https://golang.org/doc/asm
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