[TUHS] PC Unix (had been How to Kill a Technical Conference

Josh Good pepe at naleco.com
Thu Apr 8 02:42:10 AEST 2021

On 2021 Apr  6, 15:47, Charles H Sauer wrote:

> - it looks like someone kept it in place after I left IBM in 1989, since 
> http://web.mit.edu/kolya/sipb/afs/root.afs/athena.mit.edu/reference/net-directory/maps/uucp.bak/u.usa.tx.4 
> lists it in 1991

Very interesting. So I understand the email-through-UUCP duties of that
Xenix machine were to handle not just your personal email, but the email of
several people in a Department, was that so?

If that was the case, how did the other people read their email in the same
Xenix machine, through serial consoles or taking turns at the VGA/CGA

Josh Good

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