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One of the times I was lucky enough to be able to hire and set up what I thought would be the place I’d want to work (  design and code ), at the beginning I did the best I could to solve the “religious” code issues, tool issues, etc. 

Code Formatting wise — we came up with a “checked-in-standard”.  All code went thru a code formatter when checking in.   When it came out, we build a couple templates that translated to formats for things that different folks wanted ( and gave folks the option of tweaking their own ).  They could use the default ( I did ).   Any thing was fair game, as long as it got checked in “in the checked in standard”.   We also came up with a set of rules for complexity, nesting.   The entire team actually was able to come to agreement — if your code didn’t violated the limit of minor or misc things ( critical and major things had to be addressed ) it was fine. We set a limit of 1000 for minor and I think 5000 for misc.    I was surprised how far from the standard stuff looked on various folks workstations but during code reviews we had a “common language format” we all could read without much fuss. 

We did go with a line length of <132 so if necessary we could print stuff out landscape.

Tool wise, if it got in the way more than 50% it was gone and we’d find a new one.   Preference was for every editor, etc. to have at least two users on the team. ( so you’d have someone to ask questions of ) And you could use an IDE as long as code had standard makefiles when checked in.  

Surprisingly this worked out quite well with a team of around 20...


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> Wonderful, i can re-answer in public, too, leaving something off.
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> Maybe because alternate processing rips myself off.  Sigh.
>  ...
> |Oh. Hm. I heard this on American Forces
> |Network, told by Tony Scott, to which i listened from at least
> |Monday to Thursday 00am to 04am (German Time).  When such things
> |were still possible, and thus in the first days, maybe the day it
> |happened.  (Before "Max" was taken offline after Tony Scott issued
> |several "You can't say that on the radio", for sure.)
> He surely did for years before that.  But i mean, hey, just an
> observation, i have no idea of american sensitivities.
> |But thanks for the pointer.  Haven't we had this already in the
> |past?  The above sounds dark and ugly to my ears, hmmmm.
> Yeah i mean, this arose by the beginning of the 90s, right.
> If the first examination does not reveal the desired result (but
> maybe the truth even, heh), then just perform a second .. a third
> one, until the result is absolutely what was wanted.  Gulf war
> illness, Barschel's death, W keys on the keyboard .. you name it.
> --steffen
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> |Der Kragenbaer,                The moon bear,
> |der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
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> |(By Robert Gernhardt)

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