[TUHS] XENIX or UNIX? (was: Surprised about Unix System V in the 80's - so sparse!)

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Sat Mar 20 10:12:23 AEST 2021

George Michaelson <ggm at algebras.org> wrote:
> I think Xenix was a bit of a half-way bet. They didn't invest. No
> reason it couldn't have become something bigger, HP-UX did. Shame, I
> think that should have died at birth.

My first job after university was at Demon Internet, which (before
becoming an ISP) had been Demon Systems, a Xenix consulting shop. There
wasn't much sign of Xenix by the time I worked there (lots of BSD and
Solaris) but the mail system still used MMDF (aka "mail munching
destruction facility"). Later on (1999ish) we acquired a number of
technical staff from SCO around the time it was losing the plot.

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