[TUHS] H.J. Lu Bootable Root & Base System disks

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Luckily in the rush to 0.99 the CD-ROM shovelware thing was in full swing so lots of stuff got archived.

It’s the older stuff that was always purged like COFF patches, or OMF patches for older stuff, or even missing stuff from the big projects like Emacs or GCC, and huge missing gaps in other GNU projects of all things.

GCC 0.90-1.21 everything in between these two is missing.  Is it so bad? Well it’s the start of adding 3rd parties code and G++ stuff as well.  Also lots of gaps in libraries.
Things like the core utils, and other user-land stuff is missing and what little I have was snapshotted on DECUS archives.

Much like how binutils and Linux has/is removing a.out the old legacy stuff is being swept out.  Much as everyone else seems to try to kill 32bit stuff which makes running ancient GCC on modern platforms a bit more challenging as I’ll have to do it under emulation.  If I had the time/knowledge a 64bit hosted copy of GCC 1.42 would be cool but I think I may be the only one interested in compiling old Linux/BSD stuff with the original tools on newer (and alien) platforms.

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On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 09:33:46AM +0800, Jason Stevens wrote:
> Is it okay for me to ask a question about Linux that's from '91~'92?
> Does anyone happen to have copies of H.J. Lu's Bootable Root and the 
> associated Linux Base System disk images from the early '90s?
> I've managed to find a copy of 0.98.pl5-31 bootable root disk.  But I 
> can't find any base disks to go along with it.
> The files used to be on tsx-11.mit.edu:/pub/linux/GCC in rootdisk and 
> basedisk subdirectories.
> Unfortunately all of the mirrors I'm finding of tsx-11 are newer, have 
> the basedisk directories, but no image files there in.
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> Grant. . . .
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I do have the boot/roots for kernel 0.99 pl 7 from my Yggdrasil disks of
July/August 1995 which I believe are also on archive.org. I used to have disks
from 1994 but they've been lost in time and I only have stuff from 94-97 now,
some of which are on archive.org already. Hope that helps.

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise as they fly by.

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