[TUHS] H.J. Lu Bootable Root & Base System disks

Sean Dwyer ewe2 at ewe2.ninja
Fri May 21 19:46:27 AEST 2021

On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 09:33:46AM +0800, Jason Stevens wrote:
> Is it okay for me to ask a question about Linux that's from '91~'92?
> Does anyone happen to have copies of H.J. Lu's Bootable Root and the 
> associated Linux Base System disk images from the early '90s?
> I've managed to find a copy of 0.98.pl5-31 bootable root disk.  But I 
> can't find any base disks to go along with it.
> The files used to be on tsx-11.mit.edu:/pub/linux/GCC in rootdisk and 
> basedisk subdirectories.
> Unfortunately all of the mirrors I'm finding of tsx-11 are newer, have 
> the basedisk directories, but no image files there in.
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> Grant. . . .
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I do have the boot/roots for kernel 0.99 pl 7 from my Yggdrasil disks of
July/August 1995 which I believe are also on archive.org. I used to have disks
from 1994 but they've been lost in time and I only have stuff from 94-97 now,
some of which are on archive.org already. Hope that helps.

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