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On 8/4/22 4:07 PM, Bakul Shah wrote:
> From its wikipedia entry:
> The initial Macintosh port was done on a Macintosh Plus computer 
> using the Lightspeed C compiler. It was a hybrid port in that many 
> of the low-level operations were passed on to QuickDraw instead of 
> using the internal bitmap code. The application did not conform to 
> the Macintosh user interface guidelines as it took over the entire 
> screen. The initial version used either available serial port as the 
> communications channel. A later update of the port could use either 
> ethernet or serial communications.

The idea of something doing graphics over a serial port is intriguing to 
me.  Eliding some form of IP over a dial up connection.

The closest thing that comes to mind is Sixel or ReGIS graphics.

> [No reference to how this was obtained]
> MGR reference manual (from Stephen A. Uhler's home page):
> https://sau.homeip.net/papers/mgrman.pdf
> Architecture and Design of the MGR Window System:
> https://sau.homeip.net/papers/arch.pdf
> Here it says a port to Macintosh-Plus was done in two weeks.


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