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Wed Aug 10 06:43:06 AEST 2022

Early on in my career at IBM Yorktown, ca. 1976, I was submitting many 
long running simulation jobs to the 360/91 there. At one point, the head 
of computer systems (I.T. if you will) wrote to the head of computer 
sciences (my department) complaining that I had just spent $50K over 
some short period, asking if this was justified. My management shrugged 
it off, encouraged me to continue what I was doing. I might still have 
the letter somewhere.

A couple of years later, while on the faculty at U.T. Austin, one of the 
main budgetary items in research grant proposals was purchase of 
mini-computers, assuming those were a more efficient use of funds than 
paying for time at the campus computing center (then using CDC 6600 and 



On 8/9/2022 3:19 PM, Warner Losh wrote:

> Computing budgets were tiny: You had only so many $$$ for your runs and 
> if you made
> too many, you'd run out of $$$ before you were done (more applicable as 
> a student than
> as a professional post school though). Consequently your time was 
> plentiful and
> computer time was scarce. 

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