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Fri Aug 12 11:33:12 AEST 2022

And I've received the documents!  This is a pastebin with the rough contents of the documentation package.


Now for some analysis:

The User's Manual is branded System V but also displays a Western Electric Bell logo.  I've seen Release 5.0 manuals displaying the Bell logo and System V manuals without, but never a System V with.  That implies the publication of the manual had to change a few times, one to switch from internal Release 5.0 to commercial System V and another time to remove the Bell logo due to divestiture.  I would have to wonder if similar transition can be seen with different revisions of these documents?

The Release Description manual has a list of System V relevant documents and they all appear to be accounted for here, so this should represent the wealth of documentation available to a user of System V Gold in 1983.

Most documents are traceable to documents in the Unix 4.0 collection.  I've suffixed various documents here with the coordinate to the same in the 4.0 collection.  Changes of note:

- The System V documentation includes instructions for 3B20S machines as well as the instructions for DEC equipment.  PDP-11 and VAX guidance have been combined into a single document.

- The System V documentation adds documents concerning an "Auto Call" feature.  Didn't see this anywhere in 4.0, so should be new circa System V.

- This documentation refers to the last version as System III rather than making any mention of 4.0.  Given that the specific documents mentioning this are System V-branded, and there are comparable documents that are Release 5.0 branded, this implies there may be a document floating around out there somewhere equivalent to the Release Description manual but that actually covers the transition from 4.0 to 5.0.

- The documentation package drops the updated CACM paper, likely because it's available all sorts of other places.

- The summary and documentation roadmap documents appear to have been synthesized and combined into the Release Description.

- Snyder and Mashey's shell tutorial was either dropped or combined with Bourne's shell introduction

- No evidence of an MM foldout like was distributed with 4.0 (and before, there are sources around implying these foldouts started with the PWB group, may have been printed as early as 1977)

- Either the original EQN paper is dropped or relevant bits mashed together with the user's guide

- EFL documentation seems to be dropped, or is merged into one of the other Fortran documents somewhere down in there.  The processor is still in the man pages though.

- ADB documentation seems to be dropped, likewise still in the manuals, listed as DEC only.  Since System V seems to treat DEC as PDP-11+VAX, does this imply there was a VAX ADB?  My understanding is SDB started on 32V and was *the* debugger for VAX.

- Unix Virtual Protocol papers are dropped, they were marked as 3.0 only in the 4.0 manuals anyhow, so probably not relevant.

- The Standalone I/O Library and SASH (Shell) paper is dropped

- None of the internals nor security papers seem to have made it, so no Unix Implemention, I/O Implementation, PDP and Portable C Compiler Tours, Assembler Manual, PDP-11/23 and 11/34, or Password Security papers.

These will likely be a slower burn than the 4.0 documents since I purchased them myself and am not in a hurry to get them shipped back to someone.  That said, if there's anything in the above pastebin that particularly piques any interest, I can try to move those to the top of the stack and get scans done sooner rather than later.  I'll also be doing some analysis between these and the 4.0 docs to try and better determine authorship of various documents, my hope is to have a pretty clear picture of whos work went into each manual by the time I'm done with it all.

- Matt G.

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