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At 2022-08-12T01:33:12+0000, segaloco via TUHS wrote:
> - Either the original EQN paper is dropped or relevant bits mashed
> together with the user's guide

V7 Unix shipped sources for both[1] but all typeset versions of the Unix
Programmer's Manual I've seen (both scanned and HRW's physical copies)
omit the white paper.  Having recently undertaken to re-set these with
groff,[2] I surmise that this is because there was already much overlap
in content.  What remained in the white paper was largely the de rigueur
journalese about why this contribution was significant and
scientifically noteworthy.  It may have been felt that paid licensees
already perceived such value.


[1] https://minnie.tuhs.org/cgi-bin/utree.pl?file=V7/usr/doc/eqn
[2] https://minnie.tuhs.org/pipermail/tuhs/2022-July/026090.html
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