[TUHS] Document management in Unix, back in the day?

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 03:01:20 AEST 2022

Today I bit the bullet and dropped my many articles and electronic 
documents related to my technical explorations into Zotero. I was tired 
of constantly having to remember where the documents were located and I 
wanted to be able to curate them better (I tried git for a while, back 
when, but I'm not a fan of non-text data in my repos, and it wasn't 
really much better than the base file system approach). I've been using 
Zotero for years now, for academic works, but not for technical works 
unrelated to my research. I realized the man-years of effort to clean up 
the entries that I had created in about 30-40 seconds of exciting drag 
and drop, just about the time I deleted them from their original 
locations. I think the work will pay off in due time, but we'll see.

Then I thought, surely, I'm not the first person to have had this 
problem... it occurred to me that y'all must have faced this very 
problem, a few years in, back in the late 70's, early 80's. That is, 
document management. What did you do, variously, considering both text 
and non-text?


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