[TUHS] run commands at login in v6 and stty

Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Sun Feb 27 08:49:07 AEST 2022

Some thoughts ..

1.) the precursor to the csh is the newshell in {1}BSD.  It's Joy's hack to
the Thompson shell and you might find it more usable.
2.) PWB 1.0 is based on a V6 kernel and has the Mashey Shell, which is in C
and predates Bourne's  It might also be easier for you to use.
3.) srb wrote his shell during the transition between V6, TS and V7.   At
least one version ran on the V6++ system we had at CMU, but of course as
pointed out, it is written in Bourne-Gol. And I'm pretty sure his CPP
definitions will need at least a gen2 /lib/cpp implementation***  However,
Steve was also doing it at the time when the compiler was being updated.
FWIW: We also had the 'Typesetter C' running on our V6 system in those
days.  So my >>guess<< is that v6 + Typesetter C - will compile the V7


*** Rob or Steve Johnson - maybe remembers when cpp first appeared.  I
don't remember if it was part of V5 or not - those bits have faded from my
brain.  What I do remember is there were a couple of different cpp's early
on.  The first one was pretty crude by today's standards, albeit it was a
cool idea and it was the one thing I really liked about C over BLISS early
on [BLISS had Macros, which was cool aalso, but cpp could do things Bliss
could not].
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