[TUHS] Pipes and PRISM

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Wed Mar 2 07:38:45 AEST 2022

On Tue, Mar 01, 2022 at 04:25:23PM -0500, Richard Salz wrote:
> The VMS process model is different from Unix; like TOPS-20, it was more a
> shared address space. I don't remember details, but I do recall that a
> "logout" call in a DCL script logged you out of the system.
> Did Softway Systems make kernel changes? I know MSFT's original Posix plan
> was to do it all in user-space.  WSL is a Ubuntu port, so if Softway had
> kernel changes, I could see how that made things simpler.

My memory is that the lower level stuff in NT is actually quite pleasant
and makes it easy to do POSIX on top.  

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