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there are s variants of se out there. Only one known to me

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Betreff: [TUHS] Old screen editors

At the Stanford Information Systems Lab while I was there 1976-81, we had
a series of PDP-11s. The first one I remember was an 11/34 running V6 and
later V7.  It was later upgraded to, I think a /45 and finally a /70.

At first everyone used ed, then Prof. John Gill hacked it to add a command,
I think ‘%’ that was the equivalent of .-10,.+10p which on our 9600 baud
Hazeltine’s was a glimpse of the future.

At some point we got ex/vi, but before that we got the “Rand Editor” re,
which was a perfectly
functional screen editor, if you squinted a bit.

Does anyone here know the place of re in the history?

Later, Gill went off for a sabbatical at Yorktown Heights and came back to
complain about having
to use SOS on the mainframe.  He reported, however, that global search and
replace was very fast.


Also a few years later I got Dave Conroy’s version of microemacs.  I complained
about the key bindings and he told me to use the “change configuration” command,
or cc.

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