[TUHS] Early Unix and Keyboard Skills

Larry Stewart stewart at serissa.com
Wed Nov 2 23:07:31 AEST 2022

In 1969 at the end of 9 th grade I got a foot injury that kept me on crutches for the summer so I took summer school typing. very worthwhile. I think 90% of the class were young women. My parents encouraged it mostly because it would make  writing term papers much easier, which it did, but of course it had many computing benefits as well.
the ancient typewriters had really heavy keys with long strokes. Much like teletypes.

> On Nov 2, 2022, at 8:27 AM, John P. Linderman <jpl.jpl at gmail.com> wrote:
> When I was in high school (in the early sixties) I tried to sign up for typing, which was taught on manual typewriters. I was told that the class was for girls only, and I was turned away. I never did develop good typing skills. I'm pretty much a two-fingered typist. Ironically, I have probably done more typing than 90% of the female classmates who were allowed to take the class.
> Precision figured mightily in those days, which may also have pre-dated white-out. Eliminating an error was a big deal. Now it's dead easy, and auto-correct has already fixed several errors in this message. 
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>> steve jenkin wrote in
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>>  ...
>>  |I’ve never heard anyone mention keyboard skills with the people of \
>>  |the CSRC - doesn’t anyone know?
>> What i personally find more fascinating (given that -- in the
>> right condition -- i type pretty fast even in total darkness but
>> darkest possible monitor brightness) is the multitaskability some
>> show, in respect to combination of mouse and keyboard (or even
>> dual-mouse if i remember a message of Rob Pike right).  I once
>> watched a video on the google tube of Russ Cox dancing acme doing
>> go testing, could be it is [1].  When he starts to actually work
>> a bit (late on iirc), that is thrilling, i could never select /
>> paste (kill snarf yank what do i know) that fast.
>>   [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP1xVpMPn8M
>> --steffen
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