[TUHS] Book: "You Are Not Expected to Understand This"

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sun Nov 13 10:02:05 AEST 2022

I spotted this when glancing through a book catalogue; well, with a title 
like that how could I miss it?

Subtitled "How 26 Lines of Code Changed the World", edited by Torie Bosch 
and illustrated by Kelly Chudler (can't say that I've heard of them).


``Programming is behind so much of life today, and this book draws together
  a group of distinguished thinkers and technologists to reveal the
  stories and people behind the computer coding that shapes our
  world.  From how university's [sic] databases were set up to
  recognise only two genders to the first computer worm and the
  first pop-up ad, the diverse topics reveal the consequences of
  historical decisions and their long-lasting, profound implications.
  Pb $34.99''

Lines of code, eh? :-)

Abbey's Bookshop: www.abbeys.com.au

Disclaimer: I have no connection with them, but I'll likely buy it.

-- Dave

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