[TUHS] Attempting To Build NOSC and BBN UNIXs + ARPANET code

Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Tue Oct 11 06:31:09 AEST 2022


On Mon, Oct 10, 2022 at 2:33 PM Michael Casadevall <michael at casadevall.pro>

>  For example sys4.c is entirely corrupted, and part of impio.c is cut off.

 % sha256sum impio.c sys4.c
1f3d10a7e6989996dae8a07992684881fa8bc05ddc5d512c86efdaf34b4437d2  impio.c
7bd82c560d7bd74f64b03dac10550620b70d88340f02e31b56c6002f2ae6c88d  sys4.c

This is from my system - check to see if what you have are different

> There’s some indication that this, and the later BBN TCP (which is from
> around the same time period) code were built on top of the Programmer’s
> Workbench vs. stock v6;
Where did you see that?  Possible of course, but less likely.   PWB 1.0 was
not released outside of BTL.  Parts leaked to some of the Universities and
the MIT systems were famously PWBish, so it's possible it leaked from MIT
to BBN.  AGN is the comments -- Al Nemeth who is a friend of mine and Al
told me in those days, BBN was pretty spooked about where UNIX stuff came
from at BBN.

I think it's more likely if something is not stock V6, is using the
typesetter C compiler - which is the compiler described in K&R1 and would
later be part of V7 and PWB 2.0.  That was released independently a lot of
places had it and if you upgraded your V6 system to it, it was hard to go

> In short, I’m hoping someone might be able to provide some insight into
> where things have gone wrong:
>   * Is the netunix kernel I built hanging because of corrupted code, or is
> it waiting for non-existent hardware.
Could not a ton of things - where is stopping -- use simh to get an address
and then check then look UNIX symbol table and see what routine you are in
and see if you can egt a hint.

> * NOTE: The DC-11 driver was not included, but I don’t think I need that
> for a single console?
Should not need it - you can make sure /dev entry is nuked for it.   check
c.c and see what entry it was -- it should be commented it.   The look in
/dev and rm the entry so you don's accidentially try to open

>   * Is there any versions of PWB that is “easily” installable, since its
> very clear the later BBN code requires it (it refers to ncc explicitly)?
See comments -- I'm thinking this might not be PWB -- but if it is then go
to gunkies and get Noel's MIT system maybe.

>  NOTE: v6's cc needs a seperate patch to increase the symbol table size;
> that's done in the disk image.
Yep - done many times - also if you use a 45 or 70, make the compiler image
split I/D that helps too.   Although we ran them on 40s all the time - even
before Fred's overlay code.
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