[TUHS] John Lions: 3 sabbaticals at Bell Labs. 1978 and which other years? 1989?

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Berkeley Tague says he invited John to work with the USG in 1978 
	[ AUUG, below. Also by Ronda Hauben in multiple places ]

	[ In two ‘recollections’ / history docs sourced from UNSW, ]
	[ the first visit was misremembered as 1976 or 1977. ]

I was wondering when John's two other sabbaticals to Bells Labs were.

The Peter Ivanov interview with John in “Unix Review”, 1985, notes two sabbaticals by then.

	After writing the celebrated Commentary on the UNIX Operating System in 1976, 
	Lions was asked to spend two sabbaticals at the Labs.

This comment in 2000 on “9fans” from Rob Pike
says John also visited in 1989, 
but sadly his work by then had been affected.


Anyone know when the other visit was?

Presumably 1983 or 1984 if John took a semester off every 5 years.


In AUUGN Oct 1995, V16 #5, there’s a collection of emails, an ‘interview’ with John

	PDF pages 17 & 24

Berkeley Tague says in 1978 he invited John to work with the USG.

	He wanted to come to Murray Hill for his sabbatical so it was a win/win situation. 
	He spent two or three summers at Bell Labs over the years 
	and supplied us with many of his graduate students 
	for sabbaticals and permanent employment.


	What have been the professional highlights of your career?

	For myself, three sabbaticals at Bell Laboratories have been highlights. 
	For my students, opportunities arose for employment at the Laboratories.


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