[TUHS] who invented the link register

Harald Arnesen skogtun at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 08:41:05 AEST 2022

Bakul Shah [26/10/2022 00.24]:

> Turing's ACE (1946) computer had BURY and UNBURY that push and pop a 
> subroutine's return address from a ptr held in TS31. TS1..TS32 were 
> "temporary storage" registers each in a recirculating memory (mercury 
> delay line?) with a cycle time of 32┬Ás. The paper referenced below says 
> BURY and UNBURY were subroutines but I wonder if they were macros.

Or a gin and tonic delay line, as he (jokingly) suggested as an alternative.
Hilsen Harald

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