[TUHS] UNIX Manual Cover Art Origins?

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Thanks for the info Doug!  That certainly gave me somewhere to start.  After stepping through the circa 1983 BTL SVR2 manual, the only Whippany-specific pages I found related to a "DI-3000" printing system from Precision Visuals.  The cover of the referenced manual is on Google Books, but I can't seem to find a scanned copy.  Whether it would've been related, couldn't say.  Much of what I can find on DI-3000 is advertising materials and articles about specific applications, but no general user material.

I'm glad to have the V7 and V10 editions on hand, but I didn't know V8 and V9 also saw print release, although just now searching I did find what appeared to be a comb-bound print of V8, but couldn't find a second source for the image (https://media.licdn.com/dms/image/C5112AQHO14UEpqFPPQ/article-cover_image-shrink_600_2000/0/1520220760198?e=2147483647&v=beta&t=Rt8IyYB6GgD5RIBjBAjwP8hgcxcuKML0BwIxgzhLW0M).

Anywho, I'll add DI-3000 to my list of things to comb for history of every now and then, maybe something cool will pop up.

- Matt G.

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On Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 at 1:10 PM, Douglas McIlroy <douglas.mcilroy at dartmouth.edu> wrote:

> > Does anyone know of any of the tools, formats, practices, etc. used in producing the actual graphical covers of various published UNIX manuals?
> The Bell Labs publication department at Whippany did the physical
> design for the bound versions of the Research Unix manual--from v7 as
> a trade brook through v10, also a trade book.. They did the cover
> designs for v8-v10 in house. I am not sure whether they did the v7
> cover, farmed it out, or left it up to Holt Rinehart. Whippany handled
> the printing of v8 and v9. Saunders College Publishing did it for v10.
> Unfortunately, I do not remember whom I dealt with in Whippany, and my
> records of the interactions are long gone.
> Doug

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