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Fri Aug 4 10:19:10 AEST 2023

There are certainly teco implementations for Unix, although I don't know if
it was ever anyone's default editor anywhere.  Indeed, there are multiple
implementations: I switched from a C teco implementation to pyteco in the
Rubin Science Platform JupyterLab implementation (its utility is of course
dubious, but this is part of both my nefarious plan to make Jupyter not
merely mean "Julia, Python, and R", but to use that "e" -- and reassociate
it with the "t" -- by making it mean "Julia, Python, Teco, and R", and also
to include an easter egg for a fellow project member who is a teco fan).

The first Emacs I used was GNU emacs at already version...16 or something?
In 1989, on ... I don't remember what the main system I used at the UT
Austin Chaos Lab was, actually; we had an SGI Iris, but that wasn't the
machine I did my editing on.  But by 1989 it was certainly well-available
and established.

On Thu, Aug 3, 2023 at 5:04 PM Will Senn <will.senn at gmail.com> wrote:

> As a longtime user and lover of ed/ex/vi, I don't know much about emacs,
> but lately I've been using it more (as it seems like any self-respecting
> lisper, has to at least have a passing acquaintance with it). I recently
> went off and got MACLISP running in ITS. As part of that exploration, I
> used EMACS, but not just any old emacs, emacs in it's first incarnation as
> a set of TECO macros. To me, it just seemed like EMACS. I won't bore you
> with the details - imagine lots of control and escape sequences, many of
> which are the same today as then. This was late 70's stuff.
> My question for the group is - when did emacs arrive in unix and was it a
> full fledged text editor when it came or was it sitting on top of some
> other subssystem in unix? Was TECO ever on unix?
> Will
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