[TUHS] Hundreds of HP-UX Manuals (Auction Links)

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Sun Aug 13 00:22:38 AEST 2023

Good morning folks, just sharing some eBay sales I spotted that are just not in the cards for me, both in terms of expense and I just don't have the bandwidth to focus on other UNIX lines right now.

That said, someone is selling a very, very large collection of HP-UX documents:



As mentioned, quite pricy, and bulky too.  However, if anyone knows anyone with a particular eye for HP-UX history, this may interest them.  No idea what is and isn't preserved there, non-Bell-and-UCB stuff hasn't been on my radar hardly at all other than acknowledging it exists.

Tangential but I do appreciate the consistency in their documentation appearance.  I see HP-UX stuff pop up time to time and the cover motif is identical to the documents they published with analytical equipment like gas chromatographs before spinning that unit off into Agilent.

- Matt G.

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