[TUHS] yet another C discussion (YACD) and: Rust is not C++

Luther Johnson luther at makerlisp.com
Thu Feb 2 02:34:45 AEST 2023

I think you are right, this is an important component, people joining 
and identifying themselves with a language movement. And planning to be 
there to fill the need for "Language X" programmers.

On 01/31/2023 05:53 PM, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> Steffen Nurpmeso wrote in
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>   ...
> P.S.: What i will never forget, it came in the major news TV
> program of Germany (ARD Tagesschau, public law; iirc), was when
> JAVA came up.  Small (Campus?) Cafe in America, two young male
> programmers and one young female programmer, and she was asked why
> JAVA, .. and she said something like "this is our opportunity".
> Maybe this is the thing about the name Rust that i go with.
> Whether it makes anything "better", i do not know.  But it is
> maybe an opportunity for a generation to go/nim/julia their way.
> --steffen
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