[TUHS] move to COFF Re: Re: Proper use of TUHS (was Re: Typesetter C compiler)

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 03:31:44 AEST 2023

Oh, and of course I would cc the old address!

Reply on the correct COFF address <coff at tuhs.org>


On 2/3/23 11:26 AM, Will Senn wrote:
> We're in COFF territory again. I am enjoying the conversation, but 
> let's self monitor. Perhaps, a workflow for this is that when we drift 
> off into non-unix history discussion, we cc: COFF and tell folks to 
> continue there? As a test I cced it on this email, don't reply all to 
> this list. Just let's talk about it over in coff. If you aren't on 
> coff join it.
> If you aren't sure or think most folks on the list want to discuss it. 
> Post it on COFF, if you don't get any traction, reference the COFF 
> thread and tease it in TUHS.
> This isn't at all a gripe - I heart all of our discussions, but I 
> agree that it's hard to keep it history related here with no outlet 
> for tangential discussion - so, let's put coff to good use and try it 
> for those related, but not quite discussions.
> Remember, don't reply to TUHS on this email :)!
> - will
> On 2/3/23 11:11 AM, Steve Nickolas wrote:
>> On Fri, 3 Feb 2023, Larry McVoy wrote:
>>> Some things will never go away, like keep your fingers off of my L1
>>> cache lines.  I think it's mostly lost because of huge memories, but
>>> one of the things I love about early Unix is how small everything was.
>>> Most people don't care, but if you want to go really fast, there is no
>>> replacement for small.
>>> Personally, I'm fine with some amount of "list about new systems where
>>> we can ask about history because that helps us build those new 
>>> systems".
>>> Might be just me, I love systems discussions.
>> I find a lot of my own stuff is like this - kindasorta fits and 
>> kindasorta doesn't for similar reasons.
>> (Since a lot of what I've been doing lately is creating a 
>> SysV-flavored rewrite of Unix from my own perspective as a 
>> 40-something who actually got most of my experience coding for 
>> 16-bits and MS-DOS, and speaks fluent but non-native C.  I'm sure it 
>> comes out in my coding style.)
>> -uso.

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