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Thu Feb 9 05:56:17 AEST 2023

On 2/8/23 1:39 PM, segaloco wrote:
> At least as far as I can glean from manuals, there is the "trouble" 
> command circa UNIX/TS 4.0 which was "a front end for the Piscataway 
> Change Management Tracking System (CMTS)".
> This was used to report issues over uucp to Piscataway where they 
> would then be transformed into Modification Requests, examples of 
> which in the form of the request form *and* a list of 1980-1983 
> changes are in Sys V literature I've scanned.
> The utility would request:
> - The user name
> - Their location
> - Phone number
> - Type of request: Hardware, software, documentation, enhancement, and 
> unknown
> - System: Product in need of support (usually unix)
> - Release (can be N/A)
> - Severity: 1 - highest 4 - lowest
> - Date
> - Abstract/Summary
> - Detailed Description
> There is a note here too that unless stated otherwise, reports may be 
> selected for publication in the "Mini-System Newsletter".

Fascinating. Thanks for the details. I did a quick search in the source 
archive and all I could find were these:


Anybody know what pdp11v is? or where the source code for the utility 
is? Did it send email, or what?


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