[TUHS] DOD KSOS Secure UNIX Operating System Manual and Final Report

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Tue Jun 6 13:16:17 AEST 2023

As promised in the other email, I had one other tidbit worth sharing some detail on but that is very different from WECo promo and informational material.  What I've got here are two documents pertaining to the "Department of Defence Kernelized Secure Operating System" project as undertaken by Ford's Western Development Laboratories Division.

The documents in question are https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA111577.pdf and https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA111566.pdf and represent the User's Manuals and Final Report respectively on this KSOS system.  These appear to be from the same microfiche as the documents linked based on splotches on the last page's date frame, although the copies I have here have the full frame, the PDFs linked seem to have the last panel cropped to a small square in the middle.  Not super significant, but sometimes it's the little details.

Anywho, unfortunately I don't have much to report, I got a bit excited while looking for these at first because I was having a hard time turning up PDFs, thought I had stumbled upon something unseen for some time, but in the gulf between last email and this I found them.  Silver lining is one less set of documents to scan, but nothing to really expose that isn't already a click away.

- Matt G.

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