[TUHS] Found: 4.1BSD User's Manual Volume 2C Comb-Bound

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Tue Oct 10 02:17:36 AEST 2023

Spotted this and ordered it on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/235246689392

After the link is a pretty nondescript comb-bound 4.1BSD User's Manual Volume 2C.  I don't think I've seen comb-bound issues prior to the USENIX 4.2BSD set that introduced the Beastie cover.  Does anyone know if there was a limited run produced by the Berkeley folks themselves or if this is more likely a one-off someone printed for themselves?  Either way, this is an exciting find for the completeness of my library, this would leave 3BSD as the only VAX BSD version I don't have any Volume 2C papers in my bookshelf from.  If this does prove to be issue from Berkeley or someone directly adjacent to them, the next thing I hope to figure out is if this has Volume 1 and Volume 2A/2B companions.  I find myself curious because the 4BSD Volume 2C I have was following a plain Jane Version 7 Volume 2A/2B rather than also 4BSD 2A/2B, so whoever curated that set either got them that way or clobbered V7 and 4BSD docs together themselves.

- Matt G.

P.S. Would anyone be interested in some V7 binders?  I'm not keen on acquiring too many duplicates so would happily ship them to anyone wanting an original set of the papers from back when.  As a bonus, the binders have some nice numbered tabs separating the papers/sections.  I actually have three such binders, two that seem to be stock V7 Volume 2A/2B and one that is V7 Volume 1 but slightly tweaked with some "local" pages (to my knowledge, local to MIT Lincoln Labs, they added stuff like the RAND editor).  Just let me know, if I don't hear anyone speak for them in a month or so they're going to the CS department at the local uni, they've got a shelf with some 4.3BSD binders that could use some elder influence :)

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