[TUHS] Found: 4.1BSD User's Manual Volume 2C Comb-Bound

Jonathan Gray jsg at jsg.id.au
Tue Oct 10 12:11:25 AEST 2023

On Mon, Oct 09, 2023 at 04:17:36PM +0000, segaloco via TUHS wrote:
> Spotted this and ordered it on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/235246689392
> After the link is a pretty nondescript comb-bound 4.1BSD User's
> Manual Volume 2C.  I don't think I've seen comb-bound issues prior
> to the USENIX 4.2BSD set that introduced the Beastie cover.  Does
> anyone know if there was a limited run produced by the Berkeley
> folks themselves or if this is more likely a one-off someone printed
> for themselves?  Either way, this is an exciting find for the
> completeness of my library, this would leave 3BSD as the only VAX
> BSD version I don't have any Volume 2C papers in my bookshelf from.
> If this does prove to be issue from Berkeley or someone directly
> adjacent to them, the next thing I hope to figure out is if this
> has Volume 1 and Volume 2A/2B companions.  I find myself curious
> because the 4BSD Volume 2C I have was following a plain Jane Version
> 7 Volume 2A/2B rather than also 4BSD 2A/2B, so whoever curated that
> set either got them that way or clobbered V7 and 4BSD docs together
> themselves.

Brian Ehrmantraut's photo has two 4.1BSD volumes:
Link from when the Wollongong Group version of the commentary was
mentioned here.

There was a Bell Laboratories printing of the 4.1BSD manuals.

A list of documents included with the distribution can be found in
doc/vmunix/cover*.  Below text from 4.1a.tar.gz included in the CSRG

				   July 8, 1981

This is a full distribution kit for the second release of
the Fourth Berkeley software tape, known as 4.1bsd.  The
package you received should have contained:

1)   Either a 2400' 1600 bpi magnetic tape or two RK07 disk
     cartridges containing the basic system software; this
     is the bootstrap distribution media.  A second 2400'
     1600 bpi tape or a third RK07 disk cartridge contains
     additional material beyond the basic system on the
     first tape (INGRES, source for documents in the
     manuals, bit mapped fonts, etc.)

2)   Documents titled ``Installing and operating 4.1bsd'',
     ``Bug fixes and changes in 4.1bsd'', ``Changes to the
     kernel in 4.1bsd'', and ``Hints on configuring VAX
     systems for UNIX''

3)   A two sided copy of volume 1 of the programmer's

4)   A single sided, reproduction-quality copy of Volume 1
     of the programmer's manual for the system.

5)   A copy of a document describing fsck.

6)   A two sided copy of volumes 2a and 2b of the
     programmer's manual.

7)   A single sided, reproduction-quality, copy of Volume 2c
     of the programmer's manual for the system.

8)   2 Vi Reference Cards and a master for reproducing

9)   Three documents describing the Berkeley Network.

10)  Two documents on the internals of the Pascal system.
     manual and a new table of contents for volume 2c.

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