[TUHS] Found: 4.1BSD User's Manual Volume 2C Comb-Bound

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Oct 18 10:18:24 AEST 2023

    > From: Clem Cole

    > Stakrting with V6, Ken/Dennis masters a tape in research, and the IBM
    > shop is imaging that for people licensing the IP -- *i.e.,* everyone is
    > getting the same bits on their tape.  Although with V6, the famous
    > "patch tape" leaks independently

Actually, TUHS contains two microscopically different V6 distros:

  v6root.gz, v6src.gz and v6doc.gz are a set of three RK05 images of Sixth
  Edition with root, /usr and documentation, from Dennis Ritchie.

  v6.tape.gz is a copy of the Sixth Edition distribution tape which was sent
  in by Ken Wellsch.

It notes that there are differences between the two, but hadn't investigated
what they are.

Here are some details: the source files for the kernel are identical, except
for sys/ken/main.c, which has the following added in the Wellsch version:

 printf("RESTRICTED RIGHTS\n\n");
 printf("Use, duplication or disclosure is subject to\n");
 printf("restrictions stated in Contract with Western\n");
 printf("Electric Company, Inc.\n");

(What clearly happened is that after they'd done some distribution, the AT+T
lawyers made them add that.) Anyway, as a result, the binary system images
'rkunix', etc are slightly different between the two.

Everything else seems to be identical: everything in /bin, /etc, /lib,
/usr/bin and /usr/lib are all identical.


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