Selected Technical Reports

Here are collected some of the Computing Science Technical Reports from the Computing Science Research Center also known as Center 1127 at Bell Labs. They are `selected' not so much for special merit among the whole series, but because they happened to be available in machine-readable format and were volunteered by their authors.

The intent is to make our history available. Some of the reports appearing are superseded by published papers or books; some of those not appearing are just buried beneath the pile of things that everyone hopes to index and make available but doesn't get around to, or are on far-away disks or moldering backup tapes, or on paper only.

The collection here is formatted as compressed PostScript and the files have the suffix .ps.gz. They are compressed to spare your bandwidth, and are in PostScript because that's what we were able to collect. To read them you need a version of GNU gunzip and a PostScript printer or a screen-display utility for PostScript. On Unix-style systems these are relatively common. They won't read directly into many of today's Windows or Mac browsers. A nearby article on Netlib compression suggests how to proceed if your Netscape or Internet Explorer are clueless about compressed PostScript.

An accounting of the whole collection is listed as a plain text file, in bib format. If a particular report listed there looks especially interesting, it might be worth while to search in Netlib or in the bibliographies of individual Bell Labs authors. Some papers there are long gone, but some are available (perhaps in a more perfected form) from their authors, or by sending mail to

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