TUHS July 2019

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Unix 50th celebration
by Deborah Scherrer
5 years

VMS / Unix and old CSRG paper
by Paul Ruizendaal
5 years

Re: [TUHS] Thanks for Virtuallyfun! (was Re: Happy birthday, 386BSD!)
by jnc@mercury.lcs.mit.edu
5 years

Floppy to modern files for Usenet maps
by Mary Ann Horton Gmail
5 years

Looking for email archives...
by Warner Losh
5 years

CSRG Archive! (and Mach fun)
by Jason Stevens
5 years

RIP Fernando Corbató
by Dan Cross
5 years

Re: [TUHS] Interactive Systems (was Pcc for 386)
by ron@ronnatalie.com
5 years
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