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Robin Birch robin at
Fri Nov 10 04:11:19 AEST 1995

Dear All,
I have just had a note from someone who wants to get RK05 stuff on to his
system but might be in a position where his current setup can't do it.

This sort of stuff might be helped if people submitted a register of what kit 
they have.  This could allow people in reasonable geographic location to help
each other out.  FOr instance, if some one had a unix system that an rk05 could
be plugged into then they could do this and then give the rk05's back once they
had the stuff copied over.

To start it off.  I have:

1*11/73 (1.5MByte)

Running 2.11 BSD.

I also have 1*Compaq 386 (486 Cyrix chip)
running FreeBSD

I live in Gloucestershire UK and am willing to help anybody in copying stuff
that I can.  I can get access to 0.5inch mag tape RA60 and RL02 if necessary.


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