BSD for PDP-11/73 (fwd)

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Wed Nov 15 16:13:24 AEST 1995

Howdy -

> From: "Danny R. Brown" <sysyphus at>
>   I've been trying to reinstall BSD2.9 on my 11/73. Problem is that
> I don't have any of the 'Classic' periperals anymore, like TU-10's
> or RL-02's. (I do have an RL02 emulation which works fine on RT-11

	The version of 2.9 I have dates from 1983 and lacks any support for 

	Support for those came later, the initial 2BSD driver is dated
	September 1985 and has a comment to the effect it's based on the
	4.3BSD UDA driver, so 2.10 was likely the first inclusion of MSCP
	in a 2BSD kit.

	By the time of 2.10BSD the MSCP driver was definitely present.
	TMSCP support didn't make it in until 2.10.1BSD in 1989 - I know that 
	for sure 'cause I did the port.

>   I have RX-50's, TK-50 and various DU's (RD52,53,54). If this were
> a perfect world I would have a TK-50 distribution tape to rebuild from.

	TK-50 support didn't enter the picture until 1989 and it's a real
	beast of a driver (not to mention the bootblock and standalone

>   Does anybody know how I might be able to obtain?

	Unless you can find some one with a later 2.9BSD system into which
	the MSCP driver was hacked (doubtful but who knows) I think you're
	out of luck.  I seriously doubt you'll find a TK50 version of 2.9
	since that wasn't added until 2.10.1BSD.

	On a /73 you're probably _much_ better off installing 2.11BSD 
	(currently at rev #277) - it's due to enter the archive in Oz any
	day now (when Warren gets back from vacation).

	Steven Schultz
	sms at

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