Good News re PDP Unix Licensing

Warren Toomey wkt at
Fri Jun 28 09:07:07 AEST 1996

In atricle by Johnny Billquist konsult:
> > 	I just received a very pleasing letter from Dion L. Johnson II, the
> > Product Manager at SCO, about the legal status of the PDP UNIXs.
> Not that I wan't to sound pessimistic, but there are several
> miles between "would not mind", and "legally allowed".
> From what I read into his letter, he's saying that he don't think
> SCO would take legal actions against us, but at the same time they
> won't probably make it officially legal.
> And your reply, hoping that they'll say that "Unix is legally owned by
> SCO, but freely distributable", is really reaching for the sky... :-)

I know, but I really don't want to try to work under a `head in the sand'
approach from SCO. At the very least I'd like official blessing to pass
on old UNIXes to people who need/want them. I know getting SCO to allow
them to be freely redistributable is a pipe dream, but perhaps there's
some middle ground they would be willing to move to.

I'll keep you all informed of any progress with SCO.


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